McGrill Art Associates

was founded in 2001 with the intent to promote local and regional artists and unique visual installations to healthcare organizations, commercial facilities, and the architectural & design industries. We have added music events, exhibitions, art classes, video production, interactive design, and team building experiences to our scope of services.

From floors to ceilings, and of course walls, for over 25 years, we have been bringing our Empathic Approach to every project we encounter. With the knowledge of Evidence-Based Design in art selection processes, we partner with our clients to create unique, healing, and supportive environments, engage all the participants of each space respectfully, and partner with our amazing local creative community to meet your every objective. We adore the process of collaboration and are curious about new approaches. As our world is constantly evolving, so should your arts programming.

Sarah Balk McGrill brings your vision to reality by collaborating with a network of hundreds of talented artists, craftspeople, and creative contributors.